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Legion Capital

Legion Capital is a different type of early stage investor. History is riddled with great ideas that never made it to market. We believe this happens when operators, the source of the best ideas to solve real problems, struggle to raise the right early stage money and aren't given the right set of investment objectives. Legion Capital writes angel- and seed-sized checks but maintains the ability to help raise and personally invest in Series A rounds. As an early stage investor, we insist on being an active investor and helping founders make smart technology and go-to-market decisions. The managing partners of Legion Capital are operators at heart. We understand the start-up roller coaster environment and want to help you navigate your endeavor armed with our knowledge of the minefield. If you have an idea and you’re ready for the rigors of the startup grind, contact us about joining the Legion.

“Well—there’s a much better way to do that.” - Mike Viscuso

Incubator partners


Kyrus Technology

Specializing in software and hardware vulnerability research and secure software development, our team is able to approach our customers' projects with a depth of expertise and ingenuity that is truly world-class.



Darkfield is the platform for serious cybersecurity entrepreneurs building compelling solutions to important problems.

Incubated companies


Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint security. Carbon Black serves more than 3,700 customers globally, including 33 of the Fortune 100.


Red Canary

Red Canary was founded to make security better. We defend hundreds of organizations around the world, with customers ranging from global Fortune 100s to 100-endpoint organizations.


ID Vector

IDVector provides a very simple and unobtrusive way to safely and securely access the Internet without fear of data interception or leakage.



LokiSet is the leading expert in developing, building, and deploying modular networks and systems globally while managing attribution.


Arbitrary Execution

Arbitrary Execution brings offensive security expertise, tactics, techniques, and a hacker mindset to help secure the crypto ecosystem.




Appsulate is a web isolation platform that secures SaaS apps from data exfiltration and shields corporate endpoints from web-borne threats.



Rethinking the practice of security.


Disruptive Solutions

Disruptive Solutions is an employee and Veteran-owned Small Business focused on providing niche technical services.


Radical Convergence

Radical Convergence is a technology start-up company blending commercial technologies in content management with the latest techniques in machine learning and computer vision to manage content at scale.


Overwatch ID

OverWatchID delivers a feature-rich platform that comprises privileged access management (PAM), identity access management (IAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and cloud access security brokering (CASB).

Portfolio in the News

We believe early stage investments should be about validating the tech and market preparation.

Operators have great ideas and first time ventures struggle for financing.

We are not afraid of creative deals .

Meet the Partners

Dan Hall

Dan Hall

Managing Partner

Dan is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Kyrus Tech, a boutique firm specializing in cyber tools development based in Washington, DC.

Kyrus Tech is a Legion Capital incubator partner. At Legion, Dan is focused on the people side of investments.

Dan is a former Vice President at ManTech where he helped build the Computer Forensics and Intrusion Analysis group.

He began his career in the US Air Force where he specialized in computer crimes and counterintelligence serving as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Virginia Military Institute.

Mike Viscuso

Mike Viscuso

Managing Partner

Mike is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Carbon Black, a Legion Capital incubated portfolio company.

At Carbon Black he has served in various roles including as SVP Product and CEO. At Legion, Mike is focused on the technical and business side of the portfolio, helping early stage companies through his startup experiences.

He also co-founded Kyrus Technology, a boutique firm specializing in cyber tools development based in Washington, DC.

Mike began his career at ManTech, where he was Deputy Director in the Mission and Technology Solutions Group.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University.

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